About Us – Who We Are

Parkwood is owned and managed by Brighton and Hove Scout District.

The site is principally for Brighton and Hove Scouts, but we want others to share what we have, so that many more young people can benefit from our beautiful site and all that it offers.   We allow Scouts and Guides from all over the UK and abroad to use our site, together with Schools, D of E groups, Church Groups, etc.

The Westdene site
The Westdene site

The site is managed, administered, maintained, repaired, cleaned, and staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers – mainly Scout Leaders and retired Scout Leaders (if there is such a thing!).   There are no paid staff here!

We keep the prices we charge to the minimum possible and very competitive.   The fees we charge are used entirely to maintain the site and pay our running costs.   We believe that it is important to ensure that Parkwood is financially viable and looked after for the benefit of future generations.  There is a ‘Standard’ charge, but Scout Groups from outside our District, Guide Groups, and Youth Groups who share our values and ethos will usually qualify for the generously-discounted rate.

Parkwood is a member of the Association of Scout and Guide Centres.

For anyone who is interested there is a very brief History of Parkwood here.