Making a Booking

Before making a booking, and even if you have previously visited Parkwood, please take time to review the Conditions of Booking and the Useful Information

The Group Leader, i.e. the Leader actually on-site with the Young People, must hold a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate; any adults in the group who do not hold an in-date DBS must be directly supervised by the Group Leaders.  For preference all adults on-site should hold an in-date DBS. 

If making the booking on behalf of the Group Leader (e.g. as a school administrator), please ensure that a copy of the Booking Confirmation email is forwarded to the Group Leader. 

Please note that all Bookings are ‘Provisional’ until ‘Confirmed’ by the Booking Secretary.  Parkwood Bookings are managed by just one person – a single unpaid volunteer – so please therefore be patient.   You may not receive your confirmation for several days after you have submitted your booking. 

The booking will be confirmed by email which will have the Invoice attached.   The non-refundable deposit will need to be paid within three weeks of receiving the email confirmation, and the balance paid three weeks before the date of arrival. 

To make your booking go to: Parkwood Scout Campsite ( 

Enter your Group details as required on the first screen taking care to select the appropriate ‘Organisation Type’.  If in doubt as to the correct category, please contact the Booking Secretary via the Enquiry form

The second screen will ask for the number of Adult / Young People; if these numbers should change, you will need to adjust your booking accordingly.  These numbers can be adjusted until three weeks before the date of arrival when any outstanding balance must be paid. 

Select the Bookable Item, e.g. the Campsite or Facility of your choice: please be aware that this is a ‘preference’ and the Booking Secretary may need to allocate a different area for your visit, e.g. if a site needs to be ‘rested’.    If you require more than one site, e.g. so that adult leaders can camp separately from their YP, please adjust the numbers accordingly, otherwise please enter the total number of adults and YP expected. 

Note that some items, such as the Main Field Altar Fires, the Adventure Area, the Campfire Circle, can also be booked.  These can be selected from the drop-down menu. 

Car Parking:  Select this from the drop-down menu to let us know how many vehicles will be parked during your stay. 

Drop-off / Pick-up: If yours is a large group (25+) and the YP are being dropped-off, please let us know your preferred timings so that we can monitor these activities and try to prevent the confusion that can occur with more than one group arriving or departing at the same time.  Note that you will need to select the Drop-off and Pick-up times separately from the ‘Bookable Items’ drop-down menu. 

Contact Details: The final screen will require your contact details; name, address, email and a contact phone number.  If you should require a copy of the booking to be sent to a separate email address, e.g. to the paying authority, please include this email address in the second field. 

If in doubt, make your booking as best you can then please contact the Booking Secretary via the Enquiry form  quoting your booking number

To make your booking go to: Parkwood Scout Campsite (