Site Security

Safety and Security:  We ask everyone to please help to keep Parkwood safe, secure, clean, and tidy – for your own and others’ benefit.    Please see the Campsite Rules regarding litter and boundaries.  Group Leaders should make their groups aware of the boundaries and the ‘out of bounds’ areas.

Do challenge anyone you do not recognise, or who looks lost, or is acting suspiciously.  And expect to be challenged yourself!  Our priority is to keep the young people safe and secure whilst at Parkwood.  The only people on site should be those who have a confirmed booking (and should have the booking confirmation with them to confirm this), and members of the Parkwood Crew /or Duty Wardens.

The Gate: It is good practice to keep the gate closed (but not necessarily locked) when there are no other visitors on site, especially if you are camping and therefore some distance from the entrance.    We would usually expect the building users to take responsibility for this, but If the buildings are not in use that responsibility falls to the Campers.   The gate should always be closed at night,  If going  off-site, then please close and lock the gate.