Arrival and Departure

The Booking Confirmation will provide details of the access arrangements and the address of where to collect and return the keys.

It is good practice to always leave the Main Gate closed (but not locked) whenever there are people on-site.  The reason for this is to avoid the necessity of transferring keys from one person to another (thus reducing the opportunity for the keys to be lost or mislaid), and more importantly so that the gates can easily be opened in case of emergency, e.g. to allow Ambulance access.

Parkwood is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers – which means that the Duty Warden may not be on site until after Groups arrive.  The Booking Confirmation will identify the allocated site / sites and there is a Map on the front wall of the Tidy cabin.  There is also a display screen in the information point just over the bridge which will show the names of the Groups expected that day and their allocated campsite.   It is very important that Groups camp only on their allocated site.   If the duty warden is on site, please let them know that you have arrived.

Park in the car park with cars parked close together and leave your Name, Group Name, Campsite, and mobile number on a note in the windscreen.   Please do not obstruct the bridge nor the disabled car parking spaces next to the bridge.

On leaving the site please check that any taps used have been turned off and the site is clear of any rubbish.

Users of the Buildings should check that the power has been turned off at the main switches, all windows properly shut and all doors locked.    Further specific Guidance is here.

Close and lock the gate.  If you have been provided with a key, please ensure that this is returned without delay.  It is a Condition of Booking, that keys are returned immediately on leaving the site.