Health and Safety / Risk Assessments / Insurance

Every group is responsible for their own Risk Assessments.
Because of the varied nature of the Groups/Ages/Activities it has not been possible to create a generic Risk Assessment.

Group Leaders may wish to consider the following:
Tree Roots – trip hazard
Barbed wire fencing (only around the site perimeter)
Falling branches
Wood pile – nails in the pallet wood
Stings and bites (we have insects living in our woods!)
Allergic reaction to some plants / leaves;
Overgrown drainage ditches – sometimes hard to spot.

Tunnels / Underground Experience
Use of the Adventure Activity site
Night-time Games – low branches and ditches not visible

This is not an exhaustive list, just some suggestions that Group Leaders might want to include.

First Aid is the responsibility of Group Leaders and no First Aid facilities exist on the site.    It is ‘good practice’ to have a designated First Aider and a suitable First Aid Kit available at all times whilst on site.

Lyme Disease: Please be aware that ticks can be found in all areas of the South Downs National Park and regrettably they have been found in Parkwood.  Group Leaders should familiarise themselves with the NHS advice here: [ ].   It would also be prudent to have a tick removal spoon and antiseptic cream in the First Aid Kit.    Our recommendation is to make all those using Parkwood, or hiking in the local area, aware of the risk, and advise them to report to the designated First Aider if they suspect they may have been bitten.

Insurance: it is the responsibility of the Group Leader to ensure that the appropriate Insurance cover is in place.

Brighton and Hove Scout District Public Liability Insurance Certificate.