Indoor Accommodation – Guidance Notes


The Booking Confirmation email will give details about Collecting and Returning the Keys.
Enter building by Main Door – Entrance Lobby – see Building Plan
Lighting is controlled by a sensor and will activate automatically
Note that there are two locks.

Tidy Cabin
If the Tidy Cabin has been booked, unlock the door into the Tidy Cabin.
If required, switch on the two Heaters
The double doors on the west side can be opened (only from the inside) to allow access to the Tidy Cabin without having to use the Entrance Lobby.
Tables and chairs are stacked in the chair store.
Lighting controls are adjacent to the double doors. 

Kitchen and Dining Room
If the Kitchen and Dining Room has been booked, unlock the door to the Foyer.
Lighting is controlled by a sensor and will activate automatically.
Light switches for the main lights are on the left.
Unlock the door at the far end of the Foyer (this gives access to the Female toilets)

Dining Room
Two sets of double-doors give access to the Dining Room, the ‘Beverage Station’, and Food Storage Area.
Tables and Chairs are stacked against the south wall.
Heaters at either end are individually switched.

‘Beverage Station’
The Hot Water heater delivers boiling water; the switch is on the wall above the unit.
Note that this area can be dangerous (danger of scalding) if young people are unsupervised.
There is a barrier that can be fixed if required.   Group Leaders please note.
Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Cutlery, Glasses, and two Toasters are stored on the adjacent shelves.

Food Storage Area
The Light is controlled automatically.
The Fridge and Freezer should be left with the doors open and switched off at the plugs above.   Neither will work until the Power local switch has been turned on.
There is also a large shelving unit for food.

‘Washing Up’ Area
There are two sinks available for washing up.  The back door can be opened from the inside only.  There is a Fire Extinguisher immediately adjacent to the door.
The brooms, dustpan and brush, cleaning mops and buckets, are also stowed in this area.

Access to the Kitchen is via the Washing-up area.
Note that the Kitchen is an ‘Adults only’ area, and there is a Tape Barrier that can be used if required.  Group Leaders please note.

Hot Water:  the switch is on the left of the entrance.  The Hot water cylinder is behind the food storage area

Cooker and Oven: the main switch is on the wall opposite the door (and the indicator panel will show Red when switched on.

Bain Marie and Warming Cabinet: check that the drain tap (in the warming oven, right hand side) is in the closed position, and fill the Bain Marie with water until just below (or just touching) the bottom of the dishes.
Switch on the power on the wall adjacent to the Serving counter, and on the front of the warming cabinet.
Remember to monitor the level of the water to ensure that it does not run dry.   It can safely be left on a low setting overnight if required (it does take a while to warm up!).

If the Bunkhouse has been booked, unlock the door beyond the Linking Passageway.
Each Cabin is named, and there is a whiteboard on each door for the occupant’s names if required.  See the Bunkhouse Plan.
The heaters are individually switched.
The bunks and beds should not be moved.

Additional Notes
The notice boards in the Dining Room Foyer and elsewhere also have Instructions and Guidance for building users.

Brooms, Dustpan and Brush, Cleaning Mops and Buckets (all colour coded) are provided at various locations throughout the buildings. Please return things to their correct homes.

The kitchen is an adult only zone. Pans and utensils are provided, as are colour coded chopping boards and knives. Please respect the colour coding in respect of food preparation.

Please also take great care with the ‘Beverage Station’ and keep young people away from the area.

We suggest that you bring with you Washing-up liquid, kitchen surface cleaner (Anti-Bacterial spray), floor cleaner, dish cloths and tea towels, brillo pads, scourers, etc.

We expect everyone to please keep the buildings clean and tidy, and leave them that way for other users.  In particular the Entrance Lobby should be swept frequently.

If you find the spaces or toilets dirty or untidy, please let us know as soon as you arrive (we have volunteers who check the buildings after each use but sometimes things slip the net and in such circumstances we would want to inspect before you clean up).  If necessary take some photographs of how you found the spaces, and send these on to the Booking Secretary.

Tidy Cabin: Tables and chairs should not be removed from the Tidy Cabin; there are a few tables and benches in the Lean to at the rear of the buildings which can be taken on to the field if required.   We ask Group Leaders to ensure that all are returned after use and stowed neatly ready for use by others.  Please report any defects or repairs required.

Note that Parkwood is not covered by a TV licence.

Checking Out
We have developed some ‘Checkout Notes‘ to help with the final checks before leaving.  We hope you will find this helpful.