The Langton Chalet and Camping Area

The Langton Chalet and Camping Area    The Langton Chalet is a large (7.3m x 3.6m) wooden hut; the name relates to its earlier use when it was reserved for members of Girlguiding UK.  It has some tables and benches and a long worktop underneath the windows which look out onto the site, and which is ideal for cooking.  As a place of refuge in bad weather (you can sleep on the floor), or just as somewhere sheltered to store bags and coats and have lunch, it can be whatever you want it to be.  There is a tap close by and an outside washing-up area (cold water only) on the end of the building.

Please note that there is no Power to the Langton Chalet.   There may be battery-operated LED lights, but these are relatively low power and should not be relied on (especially if a previous user has left the lights on!).

The site is at the end of a track leading away from the main path, and can easily accommodate four or five large tents or lots (!) of smaller 2/3/4 person tents.  It also has a large Fire area with some logs for seating.  Always worth a look and very reasonably priced!