Emergencies: Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm SystemThe residential part of the buildings fire alarm system is now live.

On hearing the fire alarm all users should evacuate the building(s) by the nearest available exit. Users of the centre should ask all people to assemble in the car park by the refuse bins at the fire assembly point.

There is a flashing beacon under the entrance porch – this operates with the fire system.  If this is operating on arrival investigate by viewing the building externally through each of the windows.   If all seems safe, only then should the building be entered, and only then with extreme caution.

The system is installed to provide an early warning of Fire and the Control Panel will indicate the location.  For the system to work as intended, and to provide protection and warning for those using the indoor accommodation, users MUST NOT tamper with or change any of the controls or settings.  Should there be evidence of any malicious operation or damage the Parkwood Committee reserve the right to levy the call-out / reset charge against the user.

The operating instructions are fitted below the control panel in the ‘foyer’ of the Dining Room. For emergencies there is a panel control key in a key box alongside the panel.

In the event of a Power Cut the system will show a ‘Power Supply Fault’.  Please follow the instructions below the panel to rest the fault message.