Toilets and Showers

‘Campers’ Toilets and Showers   There are six Showers in a separate building situated adjacent to the ‘Campers’ toilets’, and accessible from the main field. These are separate from those provided for the users of the indoor accommodation.  These were installed in 2018 and one of the showers is Wheelchair accessible.

The Campers Toilets are located on the Eastern side of the main buildings; the entrance to the female toilets is on the northside, and the male toilets on the South side.

There is also a small Toilet block on the western end of the ‘Newtimber’ site.

We ask all Campers to respect these areas and Group Leaders are expected to liaise with others to keep them clean.  Muddy floors are expected and sometimes inevitable; food waste, packaging, etc.,  and toilet paper left on the floors is not acceptable.   Hand Basins, Toilets, and Urinals should only be cleaned with soapy water; please do not use bleach-based products as these will impair the functioning of the cesspit tanks.

There is a chemical toilet disposal point at the junction of the main path and the path leading to the Top Field.