Tunnels (Underground Experience)

The Tunnels  (an Underground Experience)  This is both a fun and serious introduction to challenging experiences. The complex has two parts. The upper cave is accessible by everyone, including wheelchair users, but still represents a challenge in terms of access. The entrance is themed to be similar to WW1 trenches and the upper cave could have been used by Neanderthals as a home.
The lower tunnels rise and fall, become steep and narrow leading through to pitch darkness. The experience is muddy and often wet – but the young people seem to like it!

The Scout Association’s activity rules contained within our guidelines POR cover the use of these tunnels provided the normal adventurous activity assessments are completed.   Other users should ensure that their respective adventurous activity guidelines are complied with.

The tunnels are suitable for use by groups of up to 10 people and each group requires the presence of 2 trained* leaders – one to assist in the tunnels with the group, the other to monitor the activity and supervise those waiting outside or exiting the tunnels.

This activity can only be used when supervised by Leaders who have completed a Safety and Familiarisation Briefing conducted by a member of the Parkwood Service Crew.
*To arrange training, please contact the Parkwood Booking Secretary – ideally well in advance – so that training can be arranged at a mutually-convenient time.

Users will need to bring suitable old clothes and at least 2 torches per group for this activity. Safety hats are supplied. There are no specific changing facilities on site for the tunnels – however a covered shelter and a cold-water ‘hose down’ area is available (the indoor and campers showers must not be used because the mud will block the drains and, moreover, it makes the showers difficult to clean).    Since most users will be using the site for either camping or other activities then changing will be available at these locations. Tunnel users will have access to the camper’s toilets.

The tunnels are a lottery funded activity area and were opened in 2006 for use by members of the Scout Association and other similar groups taking part in activities at the Parkwood campsite.

There is a charge for using the tunnels in addition to any day visitor or campsite user fees.   All sessions need to be pre booked – for further information use the ‘Contact Us’ link.    Pre-book only.   Subject to additional charge.